Group Greatness

I think Jesus loves small groups – especially groups that are actively on mission.  The Bible doesn’t record him saying, “Let’s start a small group” or, “let’s further the Kingdom through small groups”.  But he did both of those things.

Jesus, early in his ministry, formed a small group (Mark 3:13-19).  The group he formed was constantly on a mission.  He did at times have private teaching time with his disciples (Mark 4:10,11), but most instruction was a real practicum. Group members learned from the Master as he confronted life’s rough edges.

The gospels show Jesus taking his small group to minister to the sick, feed the hungry and even reach out to other cultures.

A small group that desires to emulate Christ’s example of practical outreach in their community could…..

Serve in a community soup kitchen

Bring food and clothing to a nearby homeless community

Bring meals to shut-ins

Visit the sick in the hospital

Visit residents in a nursing home

Bring the Good News to prisoners

Teach English in a local immigrant community

Invite a family from a local immigrant community for Christmas dinner

Organize a prayer walk through the community

Raise funds to support an outreach in another country

The possibilities for ministry are endless! Every need presents an opportunity to the small group that desires to put feet to their faith in their community.  By faith, allow Jesus to use your small group to continue expanding his Kingdom!