The Gospel Project Chronological

Have you ever tried one of those “read through the Bible in a year” plans?  If you have been able to go cover to cover in a year, you are a better man than me.

I’ve tried, but one year is not enough.   I tend to linger too long in a particular passage, verse or word that grabs my attention, and an immediate conflict erupts in my soul.  The “plan” says I need to read a chapter in the Old Testament, then a chapter in the New Testament, then a Psalm.  But I’m enjoying this thought in verse 3 too much, and like a museum visitor in front of a particularly enthralling picture, I want to linger a little longer.  The museum guide rushing me along is just an annoyance.

A three year plan fits a little better.  It’s not too rushed, not too slow, but just right to let the great truths of scripture percolate through my soul.

The Gospel Project Chronological is a great three year study plan for kids, youth and adults.  Let your mind linger on that truth for a while. Consider the possibilities. You and your kids, or you and your teenagers, or your teenagers and your kids could all study the same biblical stories at the same time!  Imagine the life-changing conversations that could spring from that!

You can download an overview of the 3 year study plan, and a full months worth of sessions for all ages here: