Pray. Don’t Give Up!


Photo: Ralph Tone

Pray.  Don’t give up.  With those two commands, the Word of God in Luke 18:1-8 unmasks two of our faults when it comes to prayer. We often don’t pray, and when we do pray we often give up.

These “prayer faults” reveal a lack of faith.  It requires faith to pray effectively.  It requires even greater faith to continue praying when we don’t see immediate results.

There can be many reasons for a delayed response.  We should not obsess over God’s timeline. Our task is to maintain focus on the Divine, not the delay.

I was recently walking down a road in El Paso, Texas and saw a perfectly fine sidewalk crumbled, crushed and contorted by a tree root.  Over time, the tree did what God designed it to do.  It grew.  And in the process, it crushed the man – made obstacles in its way.

Be encouraged today as you pray.  Don’t be discouraged by an apparent delay.  Time is not God’s determining factor in carrying out His plan.  Remember, a thousand years are like a day to Him, and a day is like a thousand years (2 Peter 3:8).  God is a Kingdom Builder, not a Clock Watcher.

Our inability to see an immediate answer to our prayers in our present circumstance, at the present time and for our present satisfaction is no excuse to stop praying.

Pray.  Don’t give up. Align your prayers with His agenda.  You will be an eye witness and an active participant in God’s awesome, overwhelming power.