The Heavenly Father’s Perspective – The Gospel Project

The story is told of a child visiting an art museum with his dad. As little ones tend to do in museums, he absent-mindedly walked along the wall, dragging his finger across the paintings.

He suddenly stopped and with wide eyes, called to his father, “daddy I see a dragon’s face looking at me. He’s scaring me!”

“Son” his father said, “step back from the picture and stand with me over here”.

The child scurried from the wall to his dad. When he stood by his father he could see the whole picture. The dragon’s ugly face was still there. But now that he had the perspective of his father, he could see the foot of a knight on the dragon’s neck. The knight’s sword was drawn and he was about to cut the dragon’s head off.

Sometimes we need the perspective of the Father.  We need to scurry from the dragons to His side.

This is especially true when we read his book, the Bible.  Sometimes we can get lost in a maze of biblical dates, names, stories and adventures. These are all important. They are important because they are brush strokes in a larger work.

Over the course of 66 books, from creation to Revelation, God’s grand design has been to paint a picture of salvation from death through his son Jesus.  Each law, each prophetic utterance, each story is an essential brush stroke without which God’s masterful work of redemption would be incomplete.

This video from LifeWay’s The Gospel Project Chronological portrays this truth in a powerful way.   I encourage you to watch it and marvel with me of the shadow of the cross of Christ that stretches across eternity.