American’s Views on Sin

“Sin” is not a word heard on the street much these days, but according to a recent poll done by LifeWay Research, most Americans consider themselves to be sinners.

Thirty four percent of those asked responded, “I am a sinner, and I work on being less of one”

An additional 28% said, “I am a sinner and depend on Jesus Christ to be less of one” All together, 67% of those polled recognize that they are sinners.

But, it would be a misreading of this poll to think that everyone is aware of their sin, and we have no need to share the Gospel,  As Scott McConnell, executive director of LifeWay Research says, “To some Americans, saying you’re a sinner is a way of admitting you are not perfect, To those folks, it doesn’t necessarily mean you’re evil or should be punished for your sin. That’s something the church should pay attention to.”