Weddings, Miracles and Faith


Jesus did many miracles, but his first was at a wedding in Cana of Galilee.

The historical account of Jesus’ marriage miracle indicate that his disciples were with him at the wedding.  When they saw his miracle, they put their faith in him. The wedding was miraculous. The wedding miracle gave birth to faith.

Weddings, miracles and faith belong together.   in tandem, these three words make a great wedding sermon title, a nice greeting card sentiment, and would even look good blazed in bright frosting across a wedding cake.  But they are much more than that.

These thoughts are fresh on my mind because I just officiated at my daughter’s wedding this week.  It was a miraculous moment.  Two lives became one. Two separate extended families became one large extended family.  Best of all,  Jesus himself was present because we were gathered in his name.

Jesus’ first miracle was at a wedding, but he continues to do miracles at weddings today.  I think he really enjoys weddings.  A mysterious passage of scripture reveals that weddings reveal the holy union between Christ and his Church.  To Jesus, weddings are personal.

There is a lot more going on at weddings than rehearsal dinners, bridesmaids and receptions. A man and a woman united in God’s presence represent a spiritual and mysterious rite in which the attentive observer will hear distant echoes from Eden’s mist kissed gardens.  “It is not good for the man to be alone”……”I will make a helper suitable for him”…….”a man leaves his father and mother and is united to his wife”……”and they become one flesh”

When Jesus’ disciples saw his wedding miracle they put their faith in him.  Weddings are miraculous.  Marriages require faith.

This is what I told my daughter and her husband as they began their marriage journey together…..

— When you can’t see your next career step, faith says, “God’s Word is a lamp for your feet”
— When you feel alone in a new city, listen to the voice of faith that has said, “I will never leave you or forsake you”
— When you’re not sure if your fever is going up or down, put your faith in what God has said, “I am the God who heals you”
— When you can’t see if the couch looks better under the mirror or in front of the window, remember by faith  that a mans life does not consist in his possessions
— When your hearts are filled with overflowing, inexpressible love for each other, Anticipate by faith that it is just a glimmer of the immense love God has for you
— When you see God do amazing things in your life and your children’s lives faith says it is just a glimpse and foretaste of even greater things God will do in and through you.
— Eyes of faith will enable you to see spectacular things – the greatest of which is Salvation. “Believe on the Lord Jesus Christ and you shall be saved!”
Sometimes it’s hard to walk by faith in a marriage.  When it is hard, it helps to remember.  It all started with a miracle.