LifeWay Pastors


If you are a pastor, LifeWay Pastors is a great resource to help you be the best you can be in the important work of pointing your people to Jesus.

The free website is chock full of-helpful podcasts, book reviews, articles, event information and resources.

Recent topics of discussion include….

7 Surefire Ways to Kill Momentum in Your Church

Living With Financial Integrity

New Research on Pastors’ Spouses Finds Many Friendless, Isolated

4 Ways Pastors Can Help With Mental Health

Subscribers to LifeWay Pastors will even receive a free digital pastor’s library along with frequent, informative emails with links to helpful resources relevant to the busy life of today’s minister. I receive a lot of emails that go directly to the trash.  LifeWay Pastors is not one of them. I look forward to receiving them, and even save them in a separate file for future reference.